Monday, March 28, 2011

Green Tea For Me!

Once upon a time, I never liked the taste of (hot) tea.  Whatever the flavor is still it doesn't excite me.  I am always a coffee drinker.  When I am stressed out, I drink coffee; when I have to study hard, I drink coffee; when I want to just sit back and relax, I drink coffee.  It's my life...It was my life...

I stood in front of the mirror and I don't like what I saw.  The image wasn't me at all and it was quite depressing. With all the bulges that wanted to come out from my shirt I told myself that it was really time to love myself again.  Many times I ignored my hubby when he asked me that I should loose weight for my own sake.  I am stubborn and even reached to the point of eating all that I like.  But, not right now....I want to change....I really want to change this time....

I took the first step of changing my diet, what I eat everyday.  Breakfast and lunch I eat minimal rice and for dinner I opted to eat oat meal instead.  I also increased my physical activity by jogging 4-5 times a week doing 5-6 rounds on the oval of sports center.  Of course, as my body is getting used to running the 5-6 rounds will increase and I am targeting 10 rounds per session.  And to help me burn all my fats is drinking green tea 3-4 times a day.  In the morning, mid-morning, mid-afternoon and before I go to bed.  What I observed by drinking green tea is that I sweat easily and for me that is a good sign that indeed, little by little the fats in my body are converted into energy.  I never took note of my weight when I started this regimen but  I can say that I am beginning to feel good about myself.  I think this will be all for now and I will keep you posted here on my quest to good health.

It is not bad after all of wanting to loose weight to be fit and to feel good about oneself.

Food for Thought:
        Tea comes from the young leaves of the plant, Thea Sinesis.  Tea is available in various forms like Black, Green, Oolong, Instant and Jasmine tea.
       Green Tea leaves in particular are steamed to destroy enzymes and prevent fermentation that produces a pale gold, clear sparkling tea.

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