Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Sandwich Guy

Living a healthy life is the "IN" thing nowadays and The Sandwich Guy is never far from this concept.  Serving fresh and healthy sandwiches which uses whole wealth bread along with organic ingredients.  I had the chance to have a taste of their sandwich when we visited their branch on The Block (SM North Edsa).

The Place:  Their branch is a small, well lit and clean space which make use of white and orange as their color motif.  The menu board is a bit small but it is enough to help you decide what will you go for.  They also have flyers situated on their counter top which is a big help also in choosing your meal.  particularly love their tables and couches because it is comfy suited if you want to take a rest after a long walk in the mall.  

The Food:  Since I am half full when we got there, we just ordered one sandwich which my hubby and I shared. Our first choice was the Country Tuna but it was unavailable so we opted to have the HBTL or the ham, bacon, tomato and lettuce sandwich.  I loved the idea of eating a sandwich which is made from a whole wheat bread.  On the other hand, I'm not that satisfied with the mayo they used because it was too sweet for my taste.  Over all my food experience was good.  By the way, the size of their sandwiches is big enough for two. 

The Price:  The menu is composed of sandwiches, pasta, salad, potatoes and drinks.  They have 15 varieties of sandwiches to choose from which have a price range of Php55-130.  As for the pasta you can choose from their 5 dishes at Php70-85 each.   Their potato offerings and salad costs Php 85 and for every add on to the salad there is an additional fee to be paid.  As for their drinks you can buy it at Php20-35 depending on your choice.  

My Verdict:

  • Overall experience - 4 stars
  • Price - 5 stars
  • Food - 4 stars
  • Ambiance - 4 stars
  • Crew - 4 stars 
Average Check: Php 165/person

Food for Thought:      The Sandwich Guy uses whole wheat bread for their sandwiches.  Wheat comes from the family of cereals and grains along with rice, corn, millet, rye, oats and triticale.       The word cereal is from the word "CERES" the Roman Goddess of harvest and grains.

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