Monday, March 12, 2012

The MAGNUM Craze!!

I first saw the word "MAGNUM" in a television show wherein Anne Curtis boyfriend was said to be the endorser.  I wasn't aware that time that it is the newest product of Selecta.  The day after, it was all over the social networking sites.  Talking about its taste and they all seemed gaga for a stick of ice cream.  With all the things I read, I asked my hubby to buy one for me.

My verdict:
1.  It tasted really and good the ice cream inside is very light.  Not too sweet it is just right for my palate.
2.  The Belgian chocolate coating with almonds was a hit for me.  At first, I hesitated to taste it because I am not used to eating any kinds of nuts.  But, it proved me wrong.  It just melted in my mouth.
3.  It is quite pricey at Php50 but I can say that it is worth the price.
4.  The only downside for me was that.....It was very addicting!!!!  After I finished it I wanted MORE!!!