Monday, March 28, 2011

Green Tea For Me!

Once upon a time, I never liked the taste of (hot) tea.  Whatever the flavor is still it doesn't excite me.  I am always a coffee drinker.  When I am stressed out, I drink coffee; when I have to study hard, I drink coffee; when I want to just sit back and relax, I drink coffee.  It's my life...It was my life...

I stood in front of the mirror and I don't like what I saw.  The image wasn't me at all and it was quite depressing. With all the bulges that wanted to come out from my shirt I told myself that it was really time to love myself again.  Many times I ignored my hubby when he asked me that I should loose weight for my own sake.  I am stubborn and even reached to the point of eating all that I like.  But, not right now....I want to change....I really want to change this time....

I took the first step of changing my diet, what I eat everyday.  Breakfast and lunch I eat minimal rice and for dinner I opted to eat oat meal instead.  I also increased my physical activity by jogging 4-5 times a week doing 5-6 rounds on the oval of sports center.  Of course, as my body is getting used to running the 5-6 rounds will increase and I am targeting 10 rounds per session.  And to help me burn all my fats is drinking green tea 3-4 times a day.  In the morning, mid-morning, mid-afternoon and before I go to bed.  What I observed by drinking green tea is that I sweat easily and for me that is a good sign that indeed, little by little the fats in my body are converted into energy.  I never took note of my weight when I started this regimen but  I can say that I am beginning to feel good about myself.  I think this will be all for now and I will keep you posted here on my quest to good health.

It is not bad after all of wanting to loose weight to be fit and to feel good about oneself.

Food for Thought:
        Tea comes from the young leaves of the plant, Thea Sinesis.  Tea is available in various forms like Black, Green, Oolong, Instant and Jasmine tea.
       Green Tea leaves in particular are steamed to destroy enzymes and prevent fermentation that produces a pale gold, clear sparkling tea.

Saturday, March 26, 2011


Yes! I am one of those chocolate addict...when I was younger though...But right now, I seldom get to taste of its sweetness.  But last Sunday, I eyed on this Cadbury Chocolate Mousse Bar on the stand in a department store.  I could not resist it so I asked hubby to buy it for me.  We went home and before I went to sleep I grabbed a few bites (4 squares) of it just to satisfy my cravings.  Too bad when I woke up the next morning, my throat hurt so much...And then I thought of what my MIL always tells my baby that if we eat chocolate especially at night we have to drink lots of water or gargle before we go to sleep or we might end up having a sore throat.  And she is right!  Until now, I am suffering from sore throat, cough and colds, with dizziness on the side.  Because of that I didn't get the chance to do my usual stuff online.  But, what can I do? I love chocolates....I just so love them....(and that 4 squares were the first and last I tasted hubby forbid me to eat more..huhuhu...may be next time when I am well :-) )

Food for Thought:
        Chocolates come from ground roasted seeds of a fleshy fruit called Theobroma Cacao.  It has various forms depending on the kind of processing it undergoes like Cocoa, Bitter Chocolate, Breakfast Cocoa, Sweet Cocoa, Sweet Milk Cocoa and Instant Cocoa.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Sandwich Guy

Living a healthy life is the "IN" thing nowadays and The Sandwich Guy is never far from this concept.  Serving fresh and healthy sandwiches which uses whole wealth bread along with organic ingredients.  I had the chance to have a taste of their sandwich when we visited their branch on The Block (SM North Edsa).

The Place:  Their branch is a small, well lit and clean space which make use of white and orange as their color motif.  The menu board is a bit small but it is enough to help you decide what will you go for.  They also have flyers situated on their counter top which is a big help also in choosing your meal.  particularly love their tables and couches because it is comfy suited if you want to take a rest after a long walk in the mall.  

The Food:  Since I am half full when we got there, we just ordered one sandwich which my hubby and I shared. Our first choice was the Country Tuna but it was unavailable so we opted to have the HBTL or the ham, bacon, tomato and lettuce sandwich.  I loved the idea of eating a sandwich which is made from a whole wheat bread.  On the other hand, I'm not that satisfied with the mayo they used because it was too sweet for my taste.  Over all my food experience was good.  By the way, the size of their sandwiches is big enough for two. 

The Price:  The menu is composed of sandwiches, pasta, salad, potatoes and drinks.  They have 15 varieties of sandwiches to choose from which have a price range of Php55-130.  As for the pasta you can choose from their 5 dishes at Php70-85 each.   Their potato offerings and salad costs Php 85 and for every add on to the salad there is an additional fee to be paid.  As for their drinks you can buy it at Php20-35 depending on your choice.  

My Verdict:

  • Overall experience - 4 stars
  • Price - 5 stars
  • Food - 4 stars
  • Ambiance - 4 stars
  • Crew - 4 stars 
Average Check: Php 165/person

Food for Thought:      The Sandwich Guy uses whole wheat bread for their sandwiches.  Wheat comes from the family of cereals and grains along with rice, corn, millet, rye, oats and triticale.       The word cereal is from the word "CERES" the Roman Goddess of harvest and grains.

Monday, March 14, 2011

The Food We Eat

What is Food?
       There are lots of definitions written about food.  But, it is simply a matter eaten by man to give life and energy to his body.

What makes food interesting?
       There are many cuisines made by different countries and chefs or even home makers.  But, have you thought what do these food have to make it stand out from the rest?  There are many factors affecting us on how we perceived one food to another.
        First, is its visual presentation.  The visual presentation of food is comprised by the size, shape, volume, texture and its color.  This is considered as one of the most important factor a food must have specially the one served in restaurants.  It can or cannot stimulate our appetite by just mere looking at it.  This is also plays a vital role to moms who have children that are picky eaters.  Experimenting on how the food will be served can help them make to try it out.
        Second factor is the sense of smell.  A very good aroma equals good meal and vice versa.  Our nose is associated with our taste buds thus, what our nose smells our taste buds can somewhat tell the flavors on it too.
        Third would be the chemical component the food has.  The basic tastes are sour, salty, sweet, bitter and umami which was added just recently.  Just to share:

                   Sour taste can be determined on the side of the tongue.
                   Salty taste can be determined on the side and the tip of the tongue.
                   Sweet taste is concentrated at the tip of the tongue.
                   Bitter taste is at the back of the tongue.

         Fourth factor would be the feel of the food inside our mouth or what we call the tactile sensation.
         Fifth is the flavor of the food.  This is considered as the sixth sense in evaluating a food.  It is the combination of the taste, odor, mouth feel, and the sound of the food.

        We all love food and eating them gives us so much experience and comfort.  But, do bear in mind that a good food always has the above factors.  Cook the food with your heart and you will never go wrong.