Monday, March 14, 2011

The Food We Eat

What is Food?
       There are lots of definitions written about food.  But, it is simply a matter eaten by man to give life and energy to his body.

What makes food interesting?
       There are many cuisines made by different countries and chefs or even home makers.  But, have you thought what do these food have to make it stand out from the rest?  There are many factors affecting us on how we perceived one food to another.
        First, is its visual presentation.  The visual presentation of food is comprised by the size, shape, volume, texture and its color.  This is considered as one of the most important factor a food must have specially the one served in restaurants.  It can or cannot stimulate our appetite by just mere looking at it.  This is also plays a vital role to moms who have children that are picky eaters.  Experimenting on how the food will be served can help them make to try it out.
        Second factor is the sense of smell.  A very good aroma equals good meal and vice versa.  Our nose is associated with our taste buds thus, what our nose smells our taste buds can somewhat tell the flavors on it too.
        Third would be the chemical component the food has.  The basic tastes are sour, salty, sweet, bitter and umami which was added just recently.  Just to share:

                   Sour taste can be determined on the side of the tongue.
                   Salty taste can be determined on the side and the tip of the tongue.
                   Sweet taste is concentrated at the tip of the tongue.
                   Bitter taste is at the back of the tongue.

         Fourth factor would be the feel of the food inside our mouth or what we call the tactile sensation.
         Fifth is the flavor of the food.  This is considered as the sixth sense in evaluating a food.  It is the combination of the taste, odor, mouth feel, and the sound of the food.

        We all love food and eating them gives us so much experience and comfort.  But, do bear in mind that a good food always has the above factors.  Cook the food with your heart and you will never go wrong.

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