Monday, August 29, 2011

Hot On The Dot!

Usually during weekends, my family spends time together just strolling in the mall and dine out.  But, since the weather wasn't that cooperative and our mode of transportation needs to be fixed we decided to just order our dinner.

My son and I craved for pizza....Since he is a picky eater, he only eats pizza from Pizza Hut and the only variant he eats is the Hawaiian.  So we have no choice...

The delivery man came on time and what I noticed was the red box of the pizza which reminded me that they have this Hot on the Dot campaign.  So, I checked the pizza and it was indeed HOT!  yum! yum!

Indicator tells it's HOT when it's HOT!
Indicator goes Black when it's COLD!

And then, I noticed this small sticker in the center of the box.  My hubby explained to me that it was a temperature indicator.  When it is Hot it shows the word HOT and when it isn't it goes black.

Hmm...I am pretty much impressed with this idea and as a loyal customer I am very much assured that I get what I paid for.  With prompt delivery service and good quality food we can never go wrong with PIZZA HUT!

(Note:  This is purely my personal experience and Pizza Hut didn't pay me for this post.)

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