Friday, July 8, 2011

WBFC #17

Congratulations to Zoan for being the top refferrer of the week!

As for this week, all those who will be joining this week will be counted as one entry.  And at the end of the week two participants will win $5 each!  And at the end of the month $20 and a banner ad at the sidebar will be given to one lucky participant.  Exciting!!!

So here is what you have to do: (copied from WBFC)
This week tasks:
1. Follow our sponsors The Pink Piggy and LIKE Weekend BlogFollower Caravan at Facebook (like button at the sidebar).
2. Make a welcome post for others to comment on.
3. Comment on the welcome post if you have followed. If you are already a follower, still leave a comment to know that you have visited.

Join now and meet lots of new friends around the blogosphere!  As for my new followers, WELCOME to my food blog and I hope you enjoy reading my posts!


  1. Hello, it's my first visit from WBFC. it is nice to be here..i am your new follower on GFC

    my WBFC post is here

  2. Hi sis!

    Followed you as Ms. E thru WFBC!

    Hope to see u in my blogs! :)

  3. hey there! followed you thru WFBC. Let's link up! Enjoy your weekend :)

    The City Roamer
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    Like me on Facebook

  4. I'm your 18th follower on your GFC.Visiting here thru WBFC. I hope you could visit and follow back The Bloggers Journal.Thanks in advance!

  5. follower here joining wbfc this week:)



  6. dropping by via WBFC :) late blog hop.

    you can visit me at

  7. followed via GFC... i hope you can follow back at Creations & Collection, thanks in advance

  8. Thanks for joining WBFC! Followed you using Filipina Mommy Blogger.

    WBFC#18 will be open in awhile and its all about email subscriptions. Hope you can join us again. Thanks!!!